Blue Shadows Farm - A Novel

hard cover

Fans of Jerry Apps will delight in his latest novel, Blue Shadows Farm, which follows the intriguing family story of three generations on a Wisconsin farm.

Silas Starkweather, A Civil War veteran, is drawn to Wisconsin and homesteads 160 aces in Ames County, where he is known as the mysterious farmer forever digging holes. After yhears of hardship and toil, however, Silas develops a commitment to farming his land and respect for his new community.

Through the story of the Starkweather family's changing fortunes, and each generation's very different relationship with the farm and the land, Blue Shadows Farm is in some ways the narrative of all farmers and the increasingly difficult challenges they face as committed stewards of the land.

Copyright 2009, is a hard cover, 6 1/4" x 9 1/4" and contains 380 pages.