The Trucking Pioneers, Book VIII

soft cover
By M.K. Terebecki. Published in 1999 by Pioneer Press, 203 pages, black and white, soft cover. Contains histories of Billings Freight, Commercial Motor Freight/Indiana, Crouch Bros, C.R. England, Evans Delivery, Goggin Truck Line, Greenstein Trucking, Herriott Trucking, Huber & Huber Motor Express, IRC&D, International Transport, Jones Truck Lines, Keystone Freight Lines, Midwest Emery Freight, PIE (pictorial), Rimes Trucking, Selover Trans., Smiths Transfer, Standard Trucking, U.S. Truck Lines (Be-Mac, Brown Express, CCC Highway, Central Truck Lines, Mercury Freight Lines, Motor Express & Motor Express of Indiana), West Brothers Freight, and Youngblood Truck Lines.